Generation – Specialist Seed Production Management Software

Production & Management

Generation has been specifically developed to meet with the unique requirements of seed businesses including production, inventory, processing, sales, and distribution.

The comprehensive Grower Contract area of the Generation software is integral and ensures you have a central place from which to accurately and consistently manage all of the key data and operations.

Generation seed management software quickly and easily enables you with all of the information you require for:

  • Tracking production yield for each contract
  • Production contract pricing
  • Farm/field and farm history
  • Recording stock seed
  • Field reports
  • Tracking sub lots and quality
  • Receipting and dockage calculations
  • Settlements

Generation seed software will efficiently enhance your seed production processes including:

Tracking production yields

Generation seed management software ensures you have the ability to track the expected yield of each production contract, enabling you to make sure there is sufficient production in place to meet vital projected demand. Generation makes it easy for you to efficiently collate the data you need to determine the true availability across a range of varieties or hybrids, eliminating the need for time consuming and onerous, disparate systems or spreadsheets. The centralized seed system allows you to effectively forecast by providing up-to-date inventory and sales information required for projected and actual production yield.

Tracking quality and compliance

Generation seed management software allows you to quickly and easily see all quality information from field reports and harvest check samples. It eliminates the headache of disparate systems or spreadsheets by enabling you to store data in one, central location. This also ensures that you can quickly ensure that your production will meet the standards or specifications required.

Receipting and automatically calculating settlements

Generation seed management software simplifies receipting processes by having all of the receipts and data required to price receipts centrally, including the scale tickets, analysis results, market prices and split details. . It uses the data to automatically calculate the settlement vouchers with the correct value and includes any calculated dockage, deductions and bonuses. The software tracks how much raw seed has been receipted from each production contract and how much is left to receipt, updating the actual yields and inventory at the same time. This removes the onerous and time consuming task of manually generating settlements and pricing each receipt individually.

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