Generation Seed Management Software

Generation seed management software

Successfully enhance and enable all aspects of your seed business processes with Generation seed management software.

Generation focusses on providing seed businesses with total traceability compliance to drive profit and growth, and has been specifically designed for seed business by seed experts. The seed specific ERP solution will enable you to save time and money, with comprehensive controls that will enhance all your seed business processes. Generation supports you to improve your seed business data integrity and quality, and enables you with full traceability compliance and regulatory compliance.

Generation seed management software facilitates improvements throughout seed businesses including the following key areas:

Generation will enable your seed business with accurate information and operations management in a centralised solution including:

Accurate inventory management

Maintaining and recording accurate stock levels within Generation is easy including; quality, quantities, locations, and deliveries, all of which helps you to process orders on time and provide great customer service.

Centralised data management

Generation is a centralized, single software solution to allow you to record all of your data in one place, and ensures that your traceability processes go from the farm and field(s) where the seed was produced, to where it has been delivered.

Effective logistics management

Planning tools within Generation seed management help you to make sure the right product is delivered to the right customer, at the right time, increasing your efficiencies and accuracy, as well as allowing you to maximise multi-drop deliveries.

Total traceability compliance

Generation seed management software ensures that you have vital and total seed traceability compliance, with automatic individual transaction recording which captures all of the details and is easily accessible.

Laboratory testing management

Sample and analysis information with links to production contracts, certification, intake, and more, can all be accurately recorded within the Generation seed management system, helping you to effectively manage seed quality and consistency.

Audit management

Recording all important data within the centralized Generation system, improves your efficiencies and makes it quick and easy to retrieve information at all times, especially when processing audits or forms, and reduces administration.

Invoice management

Accurate invoicing and self-billing within Generation seed management software is supported by automatically pricing movements and applying adjustments, additions and deductions based on real-time analysis and contract requirements, reducing errors and administration costs significantly.

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Track all seed management aspects in a centralised solution.


Track all seed orders and shipments in a centralised solution.


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