A Partner That Understands the Seed Business

Our solutions are developed to help all of your managers and dealers work together on one central system. This allows seed companies to maximize productivity, save time, improve processes and track every aspect of production. For larger, multi-site businesses you can now ensure that all of your sites track, collect and report data in the same way.

As a Generation partner, you’ll benefit from Primetics’ leadership and expertise in seed software and agri-business software solutions. A strategic partner, every step of the way: planning, setup, integration and support.

Who We Are

As a part of Cultura Technologies, the leading agribusiness software company in the world, our business software solutions, designed specifically for seed companies, are the new status quo for seed companies that want to maximize productivity, save time, improve quality and track every aspect of production.

Our Solutions

Our software solutions are developed specifically for seed business management. We'll help you select the right tools based on your business size, delivering a solution to meet your specific needs. And our software can communicate with other systems if needed. We offer proven solutions to optimize all parts of today’s seed businesses.

Why Choose Us

Our vision is a personalized software solution that makes your management better and simpler. Primetics is a partner that delivers. We understand every aspect of your business. We’ll be here to support you every step of the way. We’re not just looking for a sale. We’re looking for a partner that shares our vision.

Primetics’ Purpose and Values

Primetics Seed Solutions is part of the Primetics family. The Primetics purpose and values inform and lead everything that all of us do. Our purpose is to work closely together with seed businesses across the world to support them and ensure maximum profitability. We are passionate about the seed industry and are constantly striving to serve our customers and add value to their businesses.

Our values help us to achieve this purpose:

  • Our customers define us - We know that whether our company succeeds or fails is down to our customers. And correspondingly, we possess the power to make our customers’ businesses thrive also. With this knowledge we create a partnership where we are constantly in dialogue, so that we can produce the best software possible and create solutions that fulfill the ever-evolving needs of our customers.
  • Primetics is mine - All of us are owners of Primetics. We stake our professional and personal reputations on the calibre of our work. This personal investment from all Primetics colleagues means that everyone’s expertise is fully utilised and our solutions really are born of a team effort and the best that everyone can offer.
  • We are one - We are a group of diverse and experienced individuals who are unified by a defined common purpose. We never lose sight of our purpose. Made up of experts from the field, we possess abundant knowledge, which we all pool to achieve our ultimate goals: developing new and innovative technologies and helping our customers maximise their profitability.
  • We are an open book - We are keen to learn and to share our own knowledge with others. We see ourselves as an active player in the seed industry and are therefore always eager to learn about developments within the industry and to share our own insights. We are invested in the evolution and success of the seed industry and seek to be involved in shaping it so that everyone involved benefits.
  • We evolve fast - We always actively seek out new opportunities, as well as confronting failure openly. We value constructive criticism, as it helps us to improve. As mentioned, we are real believers in dialogue, and this also includes taking a proactive approach to dealing with things that don’t work. Adapting, whether to changes and developments or simply adapting to do things better, is essential to how we operate.

Our purpose and values form the core of our business. This allows us to be the best partner possible for our clients within the UK seed industry.

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