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Track production yields, quality and compliance and more.


Track all seed management aspects in a centralised solution.


Track all seed orders and shipments in a centralised solution.

Benefit from the most advanced and comprehensive seed business software

Specifically designed for commercial seed production and processing businesses, Generation seed management software provides you with greater control over business processes and data. Generation enables you to drive business advantage with better quality and service to your customers and improved operational efficiency.

Generation Seed Management

The proven Generation seed management software provides a window into every aspect of your evolving seed business, enabling you to:

  • Achieve visibility, traceability & standardization
  • Save time, increase efficiency
  • Eliminate spreadsheets & manual data manipulation

Configurable to fit your exact business requirements and delivered with expert software support, Generation will improve and enhance every area of:

  • Seed production management
  • Sales delivery planning & shipping
  • Seed lot traceability
  • Inventory tracking and availability
  • Centralised data management

Generation seed management software focuses on all operational areas of seed production and processing businesses including: Seed Production Management, Seed Inventory and Processing, and Seed Sales and Distribution.

Designed and continually developed by seed industry experts, in conjunction with commercial seed production and processing businesses, Generation is a seed industry specific ERP software solution which enables business owners to save time and money, whilst taking full control of improving all business processes.

The seed business management software includes but is not limited to:

  • Accurate seed inventory management
  • Centralized seed data management
  • Effective seed shipping management
  • Total seed lot traceability compliance
  • Comprehensive seed sample testing management
  • Complete royalty tracking management
  • Precise invoice and settlement management
  • Essential document management
  • Vital seed business systems integration
  • Efficient self-service customer portal
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