Generation – Specialist Seed Inventory & Processing Management Software

Inventory & Processing

Generation has been specially designed to efficiently manage the specific needs of seed businesses including production, inventory, processing, sales, and distribution.

The effective seed software gives you full traceability across all seed lots, making it easier to see accurate inventory and availability, helping to improve customer service and quality.

Generation seed management software facilitates you with all of the accurate seed lot information you need for:

  • Seed lot traceability
  • Work orders for processing, sizing, treating, and packing seed
  • Work orders for seed mixtures and bill of materials
  • Seed lot quality tracking
  • Cost tracking and inventory valuation
  • Multi facility/location and transfers
  • Position enquiry and availability
  • Inventory counts and adjustments

Generation seed software will effectively strengthen your seed inventory and processing procedures including:

Tracking seed product availability

Generation seed management software makes sure you can respond to customer demands quickly and accurately, by ensuring you always have information at your fingertips. This includes not only the finished seed products in the warehouse but also that which is imminently coming off the seed processing plant, as well as data on seed lots reserved for a customer, and those that have already been shipped. This real-time access to accurate seed product availability data ensures that your seed business can act fast, have confidence in your seed data, and quickly meet with customer needs.

Managing seed processing and conditioning

Generation seed management software facilitates improved planning of seed processing and conditioning to help you clearly determine which seed products to manufacture and when, driving efficiencies and empowering you to meet with customer demands. It ensures that you have the correct product available when the customer needs it, and helps to avoid having a warehouse full of seed product that is not in demand.

Lot Traceability and Quality

Generation seed management software ensures that you have complete and essential seed traceability, recording individual transactions automatically.. The data is made easily available in the system and captures all of the details you require including quality and testing information from sample analysis for on farm check samples, intake samples, cleaned seed samples and re-testing samples , helping you to determine overall quality and which lots are available for distribution and meet specific customer requirements.

Multiple Warehouses and Locations

Generation seed management software allows seed businesses with multiple processing plants and warehouses to effectively configure storage facilities including specific bins, bays, or racking shelves, to manage the location of all seed products. This ensures that staff can clearly identify exactly what product is available and where, as well as making it easy to transfer product between locations.

Inventory Cost & Valuation

Generation seed management software provides an effective way to record and maintain stock levels with accuracy including the calculated costs. You can easily track the initial cost for raw seed in production, and any additional costs incurred such as rogueing, inspection, chemical treatments, empty bags, sample testing, 3rd party toll processing and more. This means that seed businesses can successfully monitor and manage costs and inventory valuations accurately.

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